What is TTL?

Teaching Team leadership is an international collaboration of leading team coaches and clients - all exploring and sharing together what it takes to lead great teams in todays disruptive conditions.  

We are dedicated to teaching you and your teams how to release the team leadership required to meet the current and future challenges we all are facing together.

To tackle the problems of tomorrows world - we must learn how to lead and create high performing teams today.  What we discover engaged with the current concrete challenges  creates wisdom we must share and pass on to the next team, and the next - constantly co-creating positive cycles of reinforcement.

We do it because faced with the enormous disruption we all face it matters - it really matters - that we keep learning how to get better at collaboration, sharing and building our future successfully together.

How we work as a team defines our success.  How we work with you as a team.  How we learn together as a team.  How we help everyone who works with you spread great team work.  That is our mission.  

Wanna join us?


About Andy

I love being out in nature.  Walking in the mountains, sailing a boat - just being out in the fresh air.  I love it because it recharges me.  The lives we live and the work we do - well I know recharging the batteries on purpose is a key element of my own personal sustainable high performance.

I love working with teams.  Where the relationships between us are real, they make a difference. I work with people who wish to create a healthier future.  A healthier school, a healthier business, a healthier team.  

It all began for me back in the mid 80’s to late 90’s, where I grew my corporate experience with Reuters, rising at a young age to a senior position - recognised as “top talent”.  By the end of the 90’s I was at a crossroads.  Passionate about health and well-being, I took the courageous leap out of the corporate world to pioneer a new “team coaching” business. Over the past 20 years I have been at the pioneering edge of executive and team coaching throughout Europe exploring what is it that leaders do that makes the difference.  I am fascinated by how a team leader can make such a difference.

I have trained 1000’s of managers in coaching skills and worked directly with management teams at all levels of organisation - from Executive boards of multi-million Euro international companies to small teams or parents and teachers trying to work together to build revolutionary schools.  

I am passionate about helping leaders set the right conditions so that everyone in their team and/or organisation is able to release their creative potential. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts - and the skills and mindset you need to discover “how to get there” are all learnable.