TTL Overview

The intelligence available in high performing teams is always faster, more innovative, more resilient, more impactful than any one individual. TTL is a new network of practice.  CEO's, Expert coaches, Team Leaders, Teams, Organisations - all sharing, learning and exploring together how to create the environment where the "whole is greater than the sum of the parts"


We learn together

All the research is suggesting that over the next 5 years we will all experience more change than we have over the last 10 years. To quote Darwin: The species that survives is in co-evolution with its enviornment. Organisations that survive will be ones that co-evolve. Our ability to learn must be faster or at least as fast as the pace of environmental change.

Digitisation and technology are changing the game. How we learn and discover what works together as the future emerges is the core challenge. Creating the space for this learnig is the mission ofTTL.

We are committed to learning what it takes to lead teams to sustainable high performance together.


pause - look up

TTL will help you press the "pause" button.  All of our team workshops take place where there is the beauty of the natural world around us.  It helps us when we are moving from "engaged" to "inspired" to get out into nature. It's a source of resilience and perspective.

To release potential - we must be connected to purpose and meaning.  Nature helps us get back in tune with the invisible sources of human creativity.

TTL helps you build the invisible social fabric that nourishes trust and deep appreciation for everyones contribution to success.


your inner condition makes all the difference

The same group of people, with the same resources can create radically different results - all based upon their inner condition.

Whether you are "open" or "closed" directly affects your ability to listen, to generate conversation, to develop collective intelligence, to lead and generate leadership around you.

At TTL we run innovative, epxeriential workshops that directly engage with your teams and their real concrete current challenges.  It is a unique combination that generates learning and action together.