A Brief History


We re not your usual coaching training or leadership training business consultancy.
Healthy-Leadership is a professional space of collaboration and co-creation.
Founded by Andy Denne, we are experts in helping you see and lead the invisible forces that vitalise human relationships.

Our mission is to help you contribute to making the world a better place through how you work together. 

We do not advise or provide consulting services about business processes, or the “mechanics” of running a business.  
We are experts in facilitating, coaching and training skills in the invisible dynamics leaders need to understand that are woven into social relationships.
We are a living network of coaches in all continents. Our clients tend to be global organisations.  We currently have projects across UK, Europe, USA and the America’s and China.


Healthy Leadership is a collective of world class coaches and consutlants that explores leadership in many forms – all in service of improving how we live and work together in our amazingly interconnected world

Our in-house authors: