When you approach a meeting - how often do you check your "inner condition"?  Too often people go to meetings with a closed mindset - already full of judgement.  In their hearts they may be tired and carry cynicism.  The fuel that drives their actions is often fear or anxiety.  Whenever any of these - judgement, cynicism, fear - is within you, the meeting you are about to have is not going to be much better than a "muddle".

However if you are willing to have your mind be open - full of curiosity about whats is about to emerge; if you can have your heart be full of compassion - for yourself and everybody else in the meeting; and If you can have courage as your fuel as you approach the future - there is EVERY chance you can create a conversation and a "meeting" where people are inspired to co-create together.

Your ability to build a healthier future is in your hands.  Will you be willing to look in the mirror?