We are all in this living network together

We re not your usual coaching training or leadership training business consultancy.
Teaching Team Leadership is professional space of collaboration and co-creation. The focus is teaching team leadership.
Founded by Andy Denne, we are experts in helping you see and lead the invisible forces that vitalise human relationships.

Our mission is to help you contribute to making the world a better place through how you work together.

We do not advise or provide consulting services about business processes, or the “mechanics” of running a business.  
We are experts in facilitating, coaching and training skills in the invisible dynamics leaders need to understand that are woven into social relationships.
We are a living network of coaches in all continents. Our clients tend to be global organisations.  We currently have projects across UK, Europe, USA, the America’s and China.


“Your Inner Condition makes all the difference”.

Your business is a series of networked teams, an eco-system that is hyper connected and alive.  It is not a mechanical machine.

Tomorrows business success depends on healthy leadership today. No matter how complex your business challenge - we are experts at helping you and your teams learn how to lead from the future as it emerges.

The same person or group of people, with the same resources, will create radically different conversations, ideas, actions and results depending upon their inner condition.

Are you Open or Closed?

Healthy Leadership

Healthy: Whole, balanced, vital, vibrant, alive. A healthy system.  Working with us will lead to relationships, business, and profits in good health.

Leadership: The art of creating the future, visioning, aligning, encouraging, supporting, inspiring, engaging.  Working with us will lead you and everyone in your teams towards expanding their range and strengthening their ability to lead a project, a team group, or an organisation.

Healthy relationships, healthy conversations, healthy meetings, healthy decisions, healthy actions, healthy brand, healthy business….How healthy is your leadership?

What is your health worth to you?