Teams are the engine that drive your business performance. 

High performing teams deliver high performing organisations. Teaching Team Leadership (TTL) is dedicated to helping its clients unleash the potential of people working better together.

We work directly with your teams.  We join their existing team meetings and offer training, insight, coaching live and spontaneously to help enhace performance as the team tackles the real business challenge directly in front of them.

Depending upon the size of the team - 1 or more coaches work together.  Once a team is larger than 7/8 - we find that two team coaches accelerate the team's performance far faster than a coach working solo.

Systemic team coaching is a process by which a team coach works with a whole team, both when they are together and when they are apart, in order to help improve both their collective performance and how they work together, and also how they develop their collective leadership to more effectively engage with all their key stakeholder groups to jointly transform the wider business.

Our Mission

We start at the top - with your leadership team. Mindset, attitude and skills of team leadership are explored, and with our help your top leaders learn how to release the potential of every team they are in. Our mission is to help you constantly discover how the "whole is greater than the sum of the parts".

Team Coaching:

The Process:

A team coaching engagement would typically include:

Assessment: often we use a blend of in person/telephone interviews with key team members and stakeholders in addition to an online assessment with the whole team that provides a colourful, contextually based, realistic picture of the teams starting point.  

Off site workshops.  Ideally off site (and sometime using meeting facilities on site) we work with the team to step back and by focussing on real concrete current challenges we provide feedback and coaching as to what is helping the team perform, and what is getting in the way.

Acceleration.  Either on the phone/virtually at regular intervals, or every 3 months on a 2 day face to face we work with the team to accelerate its move towards building the culture of sustainable high performance.

Before and After.  Towards the end of the coaching assignment - which is typically 9-12 months - we provide the team with comprehensive picture about where and how it has progressed.

Completion.  We mark the end of the formal coaching journey with a 2 day completion off site.  

Continual check in.  As with many high performance teams, In teams that are under a lot of pressure - it is occasionally agreed that we offer a 6 month “tune up” to help ensure that the required behaviours and mindsets are still supporting sustainable high performance.

A high performing team: “A small group of people so committed to something larger than themselves that they will not be denied”.
— Katzenbach and Smith: The Wisdom of Teams

Is your culture a "learning culture"?

  • Are you and your teams learning?  If not - you will not survive the disuption we are all in.  Teams exist to produce results.  With technologically driven disruption affecting all areas of business, what drove success yesterday may not be sufficient tomorrow. If you are to thrive, your teams and your organisation must learn faster than the environment around you is changing.
  • If you want to explore how well you and your teams are learning - let’s start a conversation today.

  • Vos équipes apprennent-elles? Sinon, vous ne survivrez pas aux perturbations auxquelles nous sommes tous confrontés.Des équipes existent pour produire des résultats. Avec des perturbations liées à la technologie qui touchent tous les secteurs d'activité, ce qui a conduit au succès d'hier peut ne pas être suffisant demain. Si vous devez prospérer, vos équipes et votre organisation doivent apprendre plus vite que l'environnement qui vous entoure change.

  • Si vous voulez explorer la façon dont vous et vos équipes apprenez - commençons une conversation aujourd'hui.