Our future tomorrow depends on how well we work together today.

Teams are the engine that drive your business performance.  High performing teams deliver high performing organisations.

Teaching Team Leadership (TTL) is dedicated to helping its clients unleash the potential of people working better together.

You are here because you already know me - or someone you know, like and trust recommended me to you.



About ANdy

I work with people who wish to create a healthier future.  A healthier school, a healthier business, a healthier team. 

Executives and teams work with me because they know me, like me and trust me. My client's appreciate how I help them see things differently & create new conversations that drive new action. Our focus is to help you learn and learn fast.

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culture is crucial: How well does your organisation learn?

Senior teams increasingly realise that how they behave - as a team -drives the culture.  The rest of the organisation is watching to see if their words match their deeds.  “Are you walking your talk?” asks everyone in the organisation. Behind this question is a deeper searching: “can i trust you?” The abscence of trust kills the desire to learn. Learning must be faster or at least as fast as the rate of environmental change. We work with teams who want to learn.


Are you willing to look in the mirror?

To make the future better than today - healthier by any measure you wish to use - the first step must be your willingness to look in the mirror.  If you are willing to do that - let’s start a conversation together.

Is your Inner Condition "Open" or "Closed"? It Matters - A lot!

Is your Inner Condition "Open" or "Closed"? It Matters - A lot!

Are you willing to look in the mirror?

Your Inner condition makes all the difference.

Your business is a series of networked individuals and teams, an eco-system that is hyper connected and alive.  It is not a mechanical machine. The quality of your business is driven by the quality of your inner condition.

Tomorrows business success depends on healthy leadership today.  No matter how complex your business challenge - we are experts at helping you and your teams learn how to lead from the future as it emerges.

Are you willing to look in the mirror?

The same groups of people, with the same resources, can create radically different conversations, ideas, action and results - all depending upon their inner condition.  

“We can only see clearly with our hearts.  What is essential is invisible to the eye”.  Antoine de St Exupery